Building Name -: Siruseri IT Campus for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Location           -: Siruseri, Chennai

Architect          -:Carlos Ott Architects in association with Carlos Ponce de León Architects (Uruguay, South America)

Resident architect-: CRN architects (Chennai, India)

Engineering Services -: Potential Service Consultants (Bangalore, India)

Description     -:

  • It comprises a total of 12 buildings with varying height featuring five storeys in eight buildings and seven storeys in five buildings.
  • All of these 12 buildings will be divided across the central spine that is 400m long and 42m high, with six on each side.
  • Each block has two wings connected through bridges leading to the two central core structures which house the elevator lobby.
  • The two wings and the cores structures are covered with expansive multiple three-dimensional umbrella structures.
  • With water bodies, palm trees and, landscaping, this central spine is designed as an area for relaxation.
  • At one end of the central spine, an executive and customer briefing block is featured, with a towering structure rising from within.
  • At 130m, the tower will be the highest in southern India providing panoramic views of the zone.
  • The building uses advanced solar control glasses, Green building glass.It is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy efficient solar control and thermal insulation properties.
  • Its high light transmission eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the daytime.


  • Its low internal reflection properties assure the interiors have a clear outside view.
  • Intelligently-designed, eco- friendly developed, this innovative design demonstrates environment-friendly processes, techniques and systems to meet the requisites for energy-efficient buildings, ISO 14001 certifications, zero waist disposals, carbon footprint offset, etc.
  • The complex is notable for its microclimate performance based on an open atrium office buildings, providing a naturally-ventilated system. An ecological stream beneath a large overhanging canopy of 400m provides a natural cooling system.


  • The central corridor roof between the engineering blocks which is known as the central spine serves as the shelter for people movement. This also houses the landscape which consists of water body and other facilities. The architectural concept is such that 2 giant wasps each of 8 pairs of legs and long tails are facing each other. The formation of the entire structure is by means of 3 dimensional curves. In both the side elevations, it is symmetrical about vertical axis (Figure 2). In top plan, it is symmetrical about both vertical and horizontal axes as in Figure 2.


  • The park also offers a wide range of activities for the employees including a clubhouse with gym,outdoor running circuits,swimming pools and a small golf and driving range.


  • With water bodies, palm trees and, landscaping, this central spine is designed as an area for relaxation.

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