Namaste Tower

Building Name -: Namaste tower

Location            -: Mumbai, India

Architect          -: Atkins, Dubai

Status                -: Proposed (construction was started in 2011 but now is on hold)

Description   -:

  • Building Footprint is Gross Floor Area is 116,000 m² / 1,248,614 ft²
  • Height is 316 m / 1,037 ft
  • No. of Floors is 69, 63 above GF and 3 floor below GF
  • No. of Lifts -: 15 + 3(service)
  • Concept- Namaste means respectfully ‘greeting’ or ‘bowing’ in hindi. The clasped hands are the basis of the concept for this hotel tower clearly make a statement to invite people into the building. Facade have design of henna tatto art. Partly covered facade keep the heat outside and collects light in PV cells. Also the roofs of the two large canopies have an additional layer of sun collecting cells which can provide about 12% of the total energy demand.
  • The main programmatic occupancy of tower will be hotel. The middle part houses regular hotel rooms, while the top part mainly consists the luxurious suits. The layout between 36th and 44th floor varies from 3 to 8 suits per floor. Above there is one entire floor for single occupancy.
  • The top of the building houses bars, restaurant and panoramic decks enclosed by a glass, where’the fingers’ of the building come together.
  • The lower floor contain 9000 sq.m. office space and 6000 sq.m. of retail.

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Hi... I am an Architect from Lucknow,India and I have only one dream to build a landmark building will recognised by my name......

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