Building Name  – The Lotus Building and People’s Park

Location               – Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

Client                   – Wujin district people’s government

Architect              – Melbourne based Architectural Firm Studio 505

Cost                      – $12 million AUD

Project Year         – 2013

Description         –

  • The beautiful building takes its name and form from the blooming lotus flower, and shows the three stages of the flower from the new young bud, to the full ripe flower through to the opened bloom with a seed pod within it.
  • Accompanied by an eight acre park, it’s used as a civic building.
  • The Lotus Building is an addition to an existing double storey subterranean municipal facility situated beneath an existing artificial lake.
  • The Lotus Building houses part of the city’s planning bureau, as well as exhibition halls and meeting rooms. , making it perhaps one of the most beautiful government institution.


  • Conceived as an inhabited sculptural form, emerging naturally from the lake; the visitor enters from beneath and is greeted with a cathedral like revelation of space.
  • The building is wrapped in a display of metal-ribbed petals and both the interior and exterior are covered in hand-laid mosaic tiles.
  • Transitioned and graded colour is applied to the side of the petal ribs, creating a deep hue only at the edge of the structure.
  • They form a smooth gradient of color that ranges from white and beige to pink.
  • A stunning 23-foot-long suspended chandelier hangs in the center of the building and resembles the stamen of a flower.
  • The project is designed for energy efficiency; it’s cooled using 2500 geothermal piles installed through the base of the lake.
  • The entire lake water mass and ground beneath is utilised to pre-cool (summer) and pre-warm (winter) the air conditioning systems for both the lotus and the two storey building beneath the lake.
  • The building is also naturally ventilated and employs evaporative cooling from the surrounding pool’s surface to drive a thermal chimney within the main flower pod.
  • Distinctive in its presence, by night ‘the lotus building’ is further enhanced, illuminated by a lighting system that is devised to hold a series of changing color combinations for 20 seconds; before slowly transitioning — over a period of 10 seconds — to the next scheme.


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