Building Name               -: Martyr’s Memorial

Location                           -: Baghdad, Iraq

Architect                          -: Saman Kamal (Iraqi)

Sculptor                           -: Ismail Fatah AL Turk

Year of Established      -: 1983

Description     -:

  • It is also known as Al-Shaheed Monument
  • It is dedicated to the Iraqi soldiers who died in Iraq-Iran war.
  • It exists in the centre of an artificial lake.
  • The monument consists of a circular platform 190 meters in diameter.
  • On the platform sits a 40m tall split turquoise dome, which resembles the domes of the Abbasid era.
  • Both part of split dome slide to form a disjoint S -pattern.
  • The two halves of the split dome are offset with an eternal flame in the middle.
  • Inside one of the dome shells is a circular water pool that cascades its contents to the courtyard below.
  • The shells are constructed of a galvanized steel frame with glazed turquoise ceramic tile cladding which was pre-cast in carbon fiber reinforced concrete.
  • The interior is oculant, being that under the Iraqi flag, there is an open hole, or oculus, providing light below.
  • The rest of site consists of parks, a playground, parking lots, walkways, bridges and the lake.
  • A museum, library, cafeteria, lecture hall and exhibition gallery are located in two levels underneath the domes.

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