Building Name -: Capital Gate

Location           -: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Architect          -: RMJM, Dubai

Contractor      -: Al Habtoor Engineering Enterprises

Year of Start    -: September 2007

Year of End      -: 2011

Description     -:

  • It is located on the exhibition site of the greater ADNEC masterplan.
  • It is 160 m high and has 35 stories.
  • The total built-up area of 53,100m² includes a basement of 5,500m².
  • It is one of the tallest building in the city and inclined 18° to the west.
  • The gravitational pressure caused by the 18° incline is countered by a technique called pre-cambered core, using a core of concrete reinforced with steel, with the core deliberately built slightly off-centre.
  • It is anchored to the ground by 490 piles which are drilled 20-30 metres underground.
  • The tower is distinguished by a steel and glass façade with a striking organic form.
  • The building has a diagrid especially designed to absorb and channel the forces created by wind and seismic loading, as well as the gradient of Capital Gate.
  • Each diagrid weighs about 15t and is divided into 722 elements.
  • The 728 custom-made glass panels fit the considering curvature of the building and form diamond shape.
  • The glazing system, called Cardinal C240, is made of two silver coatings which are transparent, increasing its light transmission.
  • A sculptural stainless steel ‘splash’ flows down the front and at low level forms the hotel entrance canopy, flowing over the existing grandstand and acting as a solar shading device for both the building and the grandstand seating.
  • A free form internal atrium has a dynamic glass roof which brings natural light.
  • The tower widens as it spirals upwards and outwards.
  • Due to its strange design each hotel room is unique in size and shape, with floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • The 16 lower floors with 15,000sq.m. is used for offices, while the upper 16 levels house Abu Dhabi’s first Hyatt International five-star hotel and occupy 25,000 sq.m.
  • The 17th and 18th floors – the halfway point of the building – are constructed with a gigantic internal atrium. It has a cantilevered tea lounge and a swimming pool suspended 80m above the ground on the eastern side of the façade.
  • The top of the lounge is an open sun terrace which gives a clear view of Abu Dhabi and the Gulf.

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