Building Name  – Independence Monument

Location           – Asghabat, Turkmenistan

Opening Year  – 2001(country celebrated it’s ten years of independence.)

Description   –

  • The design of this building was inspired by traditional Turkmen tents and the traditional headgear worn by Turkmen girls.
  • Its territory occupies 140 hectares, which is almost half of all the Ashgabat green open space.
  • Elements of the building commemorate the independence date of Turkmenistan, 27 October 1991.
  • These elements include a 91-meter reinforced concrete tower with a 27-metre high golden gilt steel construction on top of the tower, along with an observation terrace with a diameter of 10 metres.
  • Within the building, there are exhibition halls within the dome below where important works of art representing Turkmenistan history are displayed.
  • The Monument of Independence sits on a total area of 84,500 m², surrounded by green landscaping that encompasses a cascaded pool and the statues of 27 historical heroes of the Turkmens that guided Turkmenistan history and the golden statue of Turkmenistan’s long-running dictator Niyazov, stands proudly in front of what appears to be a dome, with a minaret-like tower rising from its top.
  • The basis of this snow-white monument is the hemisphere serving as symbolical image of a traditional Turkmen yurta.
  • Rivers-fountains flow down all eight “feet” of a dome-yurta and partially on its surface.
  • The column directed upwards is decorated by five-headed eagles and comes to an end with the gilt spike topped with a semi moon with five stars – symbol of unification of five largest Turkmen tribes.
  • The general height of the monument is 118 meters, and this number is not casual: it is derivative of the sum of two numbers – 27+91, designating the Day of Declaration of Independence which is celebrated since October, 27th 1991.
  • Five main entrances, protected by horrendous statues with gilt spears and sabers, allow getting inside the Monument with the museum of National Values which amazes with luxury of furniture.
  • There is a wonderful collection of samples with jewel art, cold, fire-arms and numismatics.

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