Building Name  – The Monument of Neutrality

Location              – Bitarap Turkmenistan avenue

Architect             – Polimeks(Turkish construction company based in Istanbul)

Constructed       – 1998

Description        –

  • The 95-m structure like a giant lighthouse dominating over white-marbled Ashgabat is the tallest monument in Turkmenistan.
  • The structure rests on three pylons forming a trivet – a Turkmen hearth stand, symbolizing the strength of the state.
  • The pylons are interconnected with disks and rings of different diameter and thickness to support sky decks.
  • Two pylons are fitted with funiculars, bringing the visitors to the monument first level.
  • At the height of 21.5 m there is a café-bar greeting an excellent panorama of the city.
  • A transparent elevator lifts the visitors even higher – at the height of 50 m to reach an upper sky deck.
  • The structure is crowned with a 12-m sculptural composition – a golden statue of the first president of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov, raising the arms to the sky on the background of a waving flag.
  • The Monument of Neutrality is lined with white marble; its pylons and lower cylinder are decorated with bas-relief fragments depicting Turkmen history.
  • The composition is decorated by the numerous bronze bas-reliefs opening the most important events of forming of Turkmen statehood from a basis of the nation of Oguz khan Turkmen with six of his sons, the image of ancient historical monuments and Dzhigits on Akhalteke horses, pictures of daily life of Turkmens.
  • Three columns of the monument symbolize “tagan” – support for a boiler for cooking meals. Thus, fireplace is a key element. The fireplace, in turn, should be associated with home, with Motherland. In addition to it, associations are strengthened by five horizontal belts in the middle of the monument meaning five Turkmen tribal unions.
  • Earlier, this gigantic structure was slowly rotating around its axis, making a complete rotation for a period of 24 hours, and today it just faces the city.
  • Inside the monument there is the Museum of Neutrality devoted to pages of recent history of Turkmenistan.
  • The Monument of Neutrality is surrounded with a landscaped park zone with fountains, summerhouses and cafes, and in the evening the gigantic structure shines in the lights of color local lighting.

History of Monument of Neutrality

  • Monument of Neutrality, initially named as the Arch of Neutrality,
  • The three-legged arch, which became known locally as “The Tripod”, was 75 metres (246 ft) tall and was built in 1998 on the orders of Turkmenistan’s PresidentSaparmurat Niyazov to commemorate the country’s official position of neutrality.
  •  It cost $12 million to construct.
  • The monument was topped by a 12-metre (39 ft) tall gold-plated statue of Niyazov which rotated to always face the sun.
  • The 50-th session of the UN General Assembly declared Turkmenistan a neutral state, conducting a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states and non-involvement in any military armed conflict.
  • Since that Turkmenistan began to celebrate 12 December as Day of Neutrality and the same year an idea of construction of the monument in honor of this event was born.
  • In 1996, by decree of Saparmurat Niyazov, the Turkish company “Polimer” launched the construction of the Arch of Neutrality.
  • And as early as December 12, 1998 a ceremonial opening of the 75-m Arch of Neutrality took place in the very center of Ashgabat where it stood up to 2010.
  • In 2010, it was decided to move the arch to the southern part of the city.
  • Over the next two years the arch was reinstalled and moved to the modern highway – Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue.
  • The Arch of Neutrality was renamed as Monument of Neutrality and its height became 95 m or 2 m higher than the famous Statue of Liberty in the United States.

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