Building Name  – Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre

Location              – Avilés, Spain

Architect            –  Oscar Niemeyer

Project Year      – 26 March 2011

Description     –

  • The Niemeyer Centre is formed by five main elements that complement each other:
    • The open square is a large open outdoor space for cultural activities. It reflects the Oscar Niemeyer’s idea of a place open to humankind.
    • The auditorium contains around 1000 seats for concerts, theatre, and conferences. Its peculiarity is not having distinction between social classes. It includes the Club, a small space for small concerts, and an exhibition room in the foyer.
    • The dome is the exhibitions building.
    • The tower is a sight-seeing tower, restaurant and cocktail lounge.
    • The multi-purpose building contains the film centre, meeting-rooms, cafe, shop, and information point.


  • The main features in Oscar Niemeyer’s work are the curves. The colours are also features: mainly white, red, yellow and blue.
  • The material used were mainly concrete and glass.
  • Central to the complex is a three-storey, 50-foot concrete dome anchoring a monumental public square.
  • The Museum’s exterior was created in just one day by pumping concrete onto a PVC inflatable mould.
  • A mezzanine accessed via a striking red, spiraling stairwell suggests that light and sound installations may be set off here quite explosively.


  • The Amphitheatre, noted for embodying the most complex, irregular curve among the new structures, will seat 1000 and opens onto the public square.
  • Given demand and occasion, audiences will get a pretty clear view of the stage from both inside and outside.
  • A wide slope, slowly turning up from the ground at the entrance comes back toward the earth at nearly a right angle.
  • A great yellow swash amplifies Niemeyer’s touch for a vibrant, sensual (rather than purely rationalist, functional) modernism. Acoustics also promise excellence.




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