Building Name -: Piano House

Location           -: Huainan (Anhui Province), China

Architect          -: Architectural students at Hefei University of Technology

Year of Construction -: 2007

Description        -:

  • Designed by students of Architecture Department Hefeyskogo University of Technology (Hefey University of Technology),developed in conjunction with the designers of Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co.
  • Piano House consists of two parts, representing the two instruments –                         (i)  Violin, is made transparent glass                                                                                 (ii) Grand Piano, is made of black and transparent glass
  • The Piano and accompanying violin entrance are built on a true 50:1 scale, perhaps making them the largest to scale instruments in the world.
  • Glass Violin serves the entrance to the Grand Piano via escalators.
  • The piano house stands on three concrete legs shaped just like a real Piano.
  • There is a roof terrace beneath a canopy which is shaped like the piano’s open top.
  • The building serves as an Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, it is also being used by city officials as a showroom to display plans for more innovative architectural projects in the city of Huainan.
  • The grand piano base of the building houses two concert halls as this house was originally constructed for music lovers. It is now being used by music students from a local college.

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