Bogibeel Bridge, India

The Bogibeel Bridge is a 4.94 km long bridge with a double-decker line of 1676 mm broad gauge railway track on lower deck and two lane of road on top. The bridge is located on Brahmaputra River of North-East Indian state,Assam and is situated in eastern region of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. It connect northern and southern bank of Bramhaputra river ,i.e., Dhemaji District at northern bank and Dibrugarh district at southern bank of Assam. The design of Bogibeel Bridge has 39 span of 125m. The superstructure of composite welded steel and concrete. The Bogibeel Bridge has been built at a height of 32m from water level.

The foundation stone of the bridge had laid by former prime minister H.D.Deve Gowda. But due to lack of funds and attention the work did not begun. In April 2002 former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee inaugurated the construction. From 2007 work did start but the progress was slow. From 2014 the work pick the pace and it was completed by December 2018.

Various Companies involved in construction

  1. Rites – Rail India Technical and Engineering Services -pre construction studies, Geo technical investigations and detail design of the rail-road bridge.
  2. Gammon – The well foundations and substructure of the bridge
  3. Bhartia Infra Projects – supplied aggregates for the bridge, constructed the guide bunds and approach embankments on the south bank of the bridge.
  4. Essar Steel – supply 20,000 tonn of steel for the bridge project
  5. Hindustan Construction Company, DSD Brouckenbau, VNR Infrastructure – Built the superstructure

Construction techniques from Sweden and Denmark has been used to construct the bridge. The design too is similar to a bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark. For the first time in India European codes and welding standard were adhered. Estimated cost of the project is 4857 crore which is esclated to 5960 crore.

Challenges faced during construction

  • Due to heavy rain and flood on that region for 4-5 month a year, it was very difficult to work hence it took alot of time.
  • It is very challenging to cross the wild river with heavy weighted material and work there.
  • Various calculation done to design the structure because its a road cum rail bridge which is itself is a challenge and after that it is designed to withstand 7 Richter scale of earthquake as it is located on earthquake prone area. It is designed to bear the load of tankers and other heavy vehicles used for defense. It is also designed to handle the landing of fighter planes and jet planes.

Overall its a very challenging project. It will ease the movement of traffic and give connectivity to remote area of the region, provide faster connectivity India China border. It will reduce the time of journey by train as well as by road. The Bogibeel Bridge is the second longest in Asia and hence is the big proud of India.

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