If I want to realize a new buildings I should have to have new technique. I should have to design buildings that they would not only be appropriate to materials but design them so the machine that would have to make them could make them surpassingly well.

– Frank Lloyd Wright

The best engineer a few decades ago was someone who could create the most beautiful beam or structure; today it’s to do a structure you cannot see or understand how it’s done. It disappears and you can talk only about color, symbols, and light. It’s an aesthetic of miracle.

– Jean Nouvel

I.M.Pei, Frank Llyod Wright, Frank Gehry, Le Corbusier, Alvar Alto……………Renzo Piano, Zaha Hadid………..and so on, These great Architects and Architects designed buildings with such a details and engineering which is awinspiring. And there are many more great building are yet to come. All these buildings had some stories, some interesting facts, materials and engineering etc. which we should known as an architect so that we can design much better buildings, as a visitor so that we can understand the value and culture of the building.

So I am going to study buildings of every kind and will let you know about those buildings which has some good characteristics, may be good in structure or has artistic value or has historical value etc. Either the buildings are from modern architecture or historical monument around the world. And my study is about to find out some unique features or details or idea behind the creativity.

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